GDPR & 隐私




本隐私声明解释了推荐全球最大网赌正规平台欢迎您(“我们”)如何, “我们”, “我们”)收集, 使用和分享您的个人资料, 以及您与我们所持有的个人资料有关的权利. 本隐私声明涉及我们过去对个人数据的处理, 推荐全球最大网赌正规平台欢迎您的在校生和准学生(“你们”), “你”).

推荐全球最大网赌正规平台欢迎您 is the data controller of your personal data and is subject to the Data Protection Act 1998 (“DPA”) and to the General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR”).

Any questions or concerns regarding 推荐全球最大网赌正规平台欢迎您 privacy and data protection practices can be directed to the Data Protection Officer at



GDPR涵盖了所有自然人的个人信息, 人, but not legal entities like corporations or nonprofits—within the EU (“EU data subjects”). The GDPR makes no distinctions based on individuals’ permanent places of residence or nationality. GDPR适用于所有此类个人的个人数据.



推荐全球最大网赌正规平台欢迎您 takes reasonable and appropriate measures to protect Personal Data from loss, 滥用, 未经授权的访问, 信息披露, 变更, 和破坏, taking into account the risks involved in the processing and the nature of the Personal Data.




  • From the information you provide to us when you interact with us before joining, for example when you express your interest in studying at 推荐全球最大网赌正规平台欢迎您;
  • When you apply to study at 推荐全球最大网赌正规平台欢迎您 and complete enrollment forms and when you complete other admissions processes and procedures;
  • 通过纪律和申诉程序收集的信息;
  • 信息rmation collected through the administration of student housing; and
  • 通过调查和反馈机制收集的信息.
  • 当你通过电话与我们沟通时, 电子邮件或通过我们的网站, 例如,为了询问或提出关切;
  • In various other ways as you interact with us during your time as a student of 推荐全球最大网赌正规平台欢迎您.
  • 来自第三方, 例如你以前或现在的学校, 大学, university or employers who may provide a reference about you or who may sponsor your studies.




  • 你的名字, 以及联系信息,比如地址, 电子邮件地址和电话号码, 还有你的出生日期, social security number (or other tax identification number) and your passport number or national identity card details, 居住国和国籍. 我们也会给你分配一个独特的学生号码
  • 有关你的教育和工作经历的信息, the school(s) and other 大学s or universities you have attended and places where you have worked, 你已经完成的课程, 学习日期及考试成绩. 我们也会保留对你工作的评估记录, 考试详情, your predicted and actual examination grades and other information in your student record
  • 关于你的家庭或个人情况的信息, 还有学术和课外兴趣, for example where this is relevant to the 评估 of your suitability to receive aid or in order to provide you with appropriate care
  • Sensitive personal data and information about criminal convictions and offenses, including:
    • 有关您的健康和医疗状况的信息(例如.g. 残疾及饮食需要)
    • 某些刑事定罪(例如.g. 对于护理专业的学生,在完成背景调查后)
    • 信息rmation about your racial or ethnic origin; religion or similar beliefs
  • 如果您进行购买,处理您的付款所需的付款数据, 例如您的付款工具号码(信用卡号码).
  • 与您使用我们的设施和服务有关的记录
  • 事件照片和闭路电视录像
  • 关于你的参与、活动和奖励的信息



推荐全球最大网赌正规平台欢迎您 may process your personal data as it is necessary for the performance of a contract with you or in order to take steps at your request prior to entering into a contract. 在这方面,我们会将您的个人资料用于以下目的:

  • To interact with you before you are enrolled as a student, as part of the admissions process (e.g. 发送招股说明书或回答有关我们课程的查询)
  • 解决您可能有的任何问题或反馈
  • 阁下向我们提供个人资料的任何其他用途.

We also may process your Personal 信息rmation because it is necessary for our legitimate interests.  In this respect, we may use your Personal 信息 any of the following:

  • To provide you with educational services which may not be set out in our Student Handbook but which are nevertheless a part of our academic and educational mission
  • 监察及评估大学的表现及成效, 包括培训我们的员工或监督他们的表现
  • 保持和提高学术水平, 企业, 金融, 物业及人力资源管理
  • 促进整个大学的平等和多样性
  • To seek advice on our 权利 and obligations, such as where the University requires legal advice
  • 收回欠大学的资金
  • 筹款用途


We may also process your personal data for our compliance with our legal obligations. 在这方面,我们可能会将您的个人资料用于以下目的:

  • 履行我们的合规和监管义务
  • 用于预防和侦查犯罪
  • In order to assist with investigations (including criminal investigations) carried out by the police and other competent authorities.


  • 它是医疗目的所必需的(例如.g. 医学诊断, 保健:提供健康或社会照顾或治疗, 或与健康专业人员签订合同)
  • 这是紧急医疗所必需的
  • 有必要保护您或他人的切身利益或
  • 我们已获得您的明确同意,或在必要时明确同意.



We may use Personal 信息rmation (including Sensitive Personal Data) we collect from and about you during your association with us for the following purposes:

  • 招收和/或录取你为推荐全球最大网赌正规平台欢迎您的学生
  • 促进学术事宜,包括:
    • 提供核心的教学、学习和研究服务(例如.g. 登记, 评估, 出席, 管理进展, 学术不端行为调查, 认证, 和毕业)
    • 保存学生档案
    • 评估你获得助学金和奖学金的资格
  • 提供图书馆、IT、媒体等信息服务
  • 在非学术事务方面为我们的核心服务提供支持,包括:
    • 在非学术事务上提供核心学生服务支持
    • 监察平等机会
    • 保障及促进学生福利
    • 确保学生安全
    • 管理学生就业、助学金和实习
    • 学生住宿管理
    • 管理社交媒体的使用
    • 管理校园设施,包括停车场
  • Administer finances such as fees, scholarships, federal and state grants, or 金融 aid
  • 提供其他行政职能,例如:
    • 进行研究和统计分析
    • Carrying out audits to ensure compliance with our regulatory and legal obligations
    • 提供操作信息
    • 推广我们的服务
    • 预防和侦查犯罪
    • 处理投诉和纪律处分
    • 处理投诉和询问
  • 提供存档和统计用途
  • Preparing the commencement booklet; and
  • 在我们的网站上宣传和存档仪式.



We will retain your Personal 信息 as long as needed to meet compliance requirements for legal document retention obligations.  Even where you have 锻炼d one or more of the 权利 (below) with respect to your Personal 信息rmation, we will have the right to retain your Personal 信息 compliance with legal obligations, 执行符合公众利益的任务, 为公众利益而存档, 用于科学或历史研究的目的, 用于统计目的, 或者对于建制派来说, 锻炼, 或者为法律索赔辩护.



Under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), you have the following 权利:

  • 获取我们所持有的有关您的个人信息
  • To object on grounds relating to your particular situation to our processing activities where you feel they have a disproportionate impact on your interests, 权利, 和自由
  • 如果您认为我们所拥有的您的个人信息是安全的, 或者已经变成, 不正确或不完整, 你可以要求复核, 修改, 正确的, 或免费更新我们可能拥有的有关您的任何个人信息
  • To restrict the processing activities related to your Personal 信息rmation (and, 我们的处理是基于你的同意, 你可以撤回同意, without affecting the lawfulness of our processing based on consent before its withdrawal)
  • 要求我们删除您的个人信息
  • 拥有个人资料, 是你自愿提供给我们的吗, 以结构化的方式产生, 常用的, 以及机器可读的格式, including for the purpose of transmitting it to another party; and
  • 要求我们不向您发送营销信息.

请注意,上述个人权利不是绝对的, 在某些例外情况下,我们可能有权拒绝请求.  如果你已经同意了,你想撤回, please contact the Campus Data Protection Officer by email using the contact information provided at the end of this document. Please note that where the processing of your personal data relies on your consent and where you then withdraw that consent, we may not be able to provide all or some aspects of our services to you and/or it may affect the provision of those services.



本私隐声明并非针对“儿童”, 我们并不寻求, 我们也不会有意识地处理, 儿童的个人信息. 未来的学生或现在的学生在哪里被归类为儿童, we will make reasonable efforts to verify that consent is given or authorized by the holder of parental responsibility over the child, 在何处处理儿童的个人资料.



推荐全球最大网赌正规平台欢迎您大西洋保留权利, 由我方全权决定, 改变, 修改, 添加, 删除, or otherwise 修改 portions of our policies and this 隐私 Notice at any time, 符合适用法律的要求.  当我们完成时,我们会在这个页面上发布修订. If this policy is changed in a material way, PBA will provide appropriate notice.